We Make Quality, Custom Maps!

What is the difference between 2-D and 3-D maps?

2-D style maps are flat maps viewed from above with basic shapes to represent buildings and amenities. Still colorful and effective, a 2-D map takes less time to create and is less expensive.


3-D maps are drawn from a "bird's-eye view" showing depth and structures and your property are fully illustrated. A 3-D map takes more time to create. See examples of each here.


What style of maps do you offer?

Custom stylized maps that can be hand drawn, computer generated or fun cartoon style, you let us know what look you like and we create it.


Does printing cost extra?

Yes and you have some options. We offer printing and can give you a quote or if you prefer you can go through your own printer. Once the map is complete you will have the print ready files to print at your convenience.


What does interactive mean?

An interactive map is displayed on your website. We can attach text, photos, web links directly to your map. All one needs to do is move their mouse over the map and the information will pop up.


I already have a map, can I make the one I have interactive?



Do you take the photos for the interactive map?

We use photos that you provide.


How do I change information or pictures on my interactive map?

Changing information is very easy, just drop us an e-mail with the new information or pictures and we will update your map. This will usually take no more than a week so your map can always be up to date.


How do I get the map on my website?

An interactive map easily embeds on to a page of your website by copy and pasting a small snippet of code. The Map Squad will fully assist you through this easy process. It can be done in a matter of minutes.


Do you offer other services?

Yes, we are your one-stop-shopping for all graphic design services. We do rack cards, business cards, logos, brochures and websites.


How much will this cost?

Prices vary according to the size of your property. We would be happy to give you a quote.