Highlight the Best Qualities of Your Park

Our attractive, custom maps make a great first impression as your map is viewed by all your guests thousands of times a season. Highlight your amenities, services and area attraction to your customers. Improve the efficiency of your front desk with an easy-to-use map.

A quality map can be used as a great advertising piece, either being mailed to interested customers or turned into a marketable display at local visitor centers. Our maps can be designed to be used as a tri-fold brochure with map on one side and information on the other or as a full color guide.

Make Your Map Come Alive!

Our interactive online maps are easy for both you and your website viewers. An interactive map gives your potential customer a real feel for the layout of your property, better than any photo gallery. Loaded with information it's easy to scroll around and view certain aspects of your business.

Customers appreciate the "on the ground" feel and makes them feel more attached to your business. Its simple and easy to embed an interactive map into your existing website. We can also easily create the proper links to your reservation page, guest policy pages, etc. Add value to your website by being interactive and informative.

Guide Visitors to Local Businesses

A printed map of a specific town or downtown area is an excellent source of information for tourists, assisting them in finding local business and other attractions. Hotels and visitor centers love to use these maps and businesses love being on the map because it increases customer traffic. From wine tour maps, downtown business association maps, to event maps, The Map Squad can create a specific map for you.

An interactive online town/area map gives potential visitors a virtual tour of your town and they can see what your area has to offer before arriving. This makes it extremely easy and useful to plan a trip.

The Possibilities are Endless!

We also map resorts, golf courses, water parks and everything in between. Custom maps make it easy for guests to explore your property and discover your unique amenities. Golf course maps can be used on scorecards, benches or posted along with your course information. Resort maps show guests easily to their rooms, ice machines, pool, conference rooms, in-house restaurants and entertainment spots. Water park maps highlight all the different options for fun. All maps can be made interactive on your website, an excellent tool for showcasing your property and getting customers excited about visiting you.